Ring-medallion "The Cockleshell" from set "The Sea II", gold, diamonds, sapphires, demantoids, the  australian opals Ring "The Bumblebee",gold, diamonds, demantoids, tiger's eye, agate, rock crystal Ring "The Crab" to the set of "The Sea", gold, diamonds, demantoid, carnelian Ring "The Shrimp", gold, sapphires, diamonds, pearls, cornelian
Ring "The Dandelion", gold, sapphires, demantoids  Ring  "The Cloud",gold, diamonds, moonstone Ring from the set of "The Web", gold, diamonds, sapphires Ring from the set of "The buzzing in June," gold demantoids, citrines, hot enamel.
Ring to set "The Burdock", gold, tourmaline, demantoids Ring "Thanks for the daughters", gold, diamonds, sapphire Ring to set "The  Bamboo II", gold, sapphires, demantoids. Ring "The Dragonfly" ,gold, demantoids, hot enamel
Ring to set "The Web", gold, diamonds, nephrite, cornelian Ring "The mistletoe" gold, pearls Ring "The Hermit crab", gold, diamond, sapphires, tanzanite, pearls, agate
Ring "Holiday Boniface", gold, Mexican opal, diamonds, sapphires, demantoids Ring "The bumblebee" ,gold, demantoids, sapphires, smoky quartz, rock crystal.
Ring "The Dragonfly" ,gold, sapphires,, hot enamel
Ring "The Thistle", gold, demantoids, аmetrine
Exclusive ring "Lovers in the Night", gold, silver, sapphires, opal, blackening. 2016 Exclusive set "Garnet", gold, diamonds, garnet, rhodium. 2016 Ring from the “Memory of Venice” headset, gold, silver, malachite.