Use of site materials

1. This site publishes materials the rights to which belong to the site .
2. We do not object if the materials we create are used on other sites. In this case, we ask you to indicate the source of information in the form of a hyperlink. The link must be inseparable from the material, and appear on each page with the material used.
3. Partial or complete use of copyright materials from our website in other printed or electronic media is possible only with our written permission.
4. We allow quoting of our materials. In this case, the volume of citations (number of printed characters) should not exceed 20% of the total volume of the text of the article (material). The author of the material must be indicated (if indicated) and a link to the source – the site
5. The link must be direct, without a redirect. Unauthorized placement of materials the Internet and in print media is prohibited, unless they are accompanied by a link or hyperlink (for Internet resources) to the site
6. To use our materials – contact the site creators by email at  , outlining the essence of your proposal in as much detail as possible and indicating contact information for a response.
7. We reserve the right to prohibit publication on any website without giving reasons.
8. In case of violation of the above requirements, the administration of the site will take the following actions:
· We will send you an email with a requirement to eliminate the violation within 3 days from the date of sending the letter. If for any reason the letter does not reach you, the administration of the site does not bear any responsibility for this.
· if the violation is not eliminated, the site administration will send an email to the hosting provider whose services you use, demanding that your website be disabled until the violation is eliminated.
· if the violation is not eliminated, disputes will be resolved within the framework of the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

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